Lewis Roofing Solutions Ltd

Soffits and facias are generally thought of as aesthetically important, because they prevent your beams and roof edges from being visible from outside and the street.

However, they also provide waterproofing and a final layer of trim in the case of a fascia, and protection and ventilation in the case of a soffit. Both need be properly installed and maintained; if water gets behind a facia, it can lead to issues with leaks, damp and rotting. Similarly, if a soffit does not provide adequate ventilation, overheating and damp issues can occur. At Lewis Roofing Solutions, we offer installation, maintenance and repair work on all kinds of soffits and facias.

Of course, part of ensuring that facias, soffits and general internal roof structures are protected, is having well-maintained, crack-free guttering. Gutters that are in bad shape can cause water leakage and severe issues when there is a build-up of debris. It is important that you have your gutters regularly inspected and cleaned, and that any issues are seen to straight away. Give us a call and we can arrange to come and take a look.