Lewis Roofing Solutions Ltd

Flat roofs are cheaper to install and easier to maintain than pitched roofs.

In areas of lower rainfall, flat roofs are a popular choice – although it is a myth that there is no drainage on flat roofs. To facilitate better waterproofing, we recommend GRP fibre glass or EPDM rubberseal roofing systems . Both of these systems have a long life expectancy and have been proofed and tested to be tough And durable. Again, this is an inexpensive yet effective way to ensure protection to your property from water damage. All work is fully guaranteed for extra peace of mind.

In terms of insulation, we specialise in Kingspan high performance insulation, which contain multi-layer waterproofing for added protection – ideal for flat and pitched roofs.

Flat roofs create extra space outside the home. You can use them for placing a range of items such as air conditioning units, and rooftop gardens/balcony take much better to flat than pitched roofs.